The Gossip & Glamour Style Summit brings the fashion blogging community together for interactive panel discussions and valuable insight from top fashion brands. Seasoned style bloggers also join the conversation to discuss blogging trends and explore the evolution of bloggers branching out into business ventures. The blogging world is changing, don't get left behind. 

Panel 1

The Art of Creative Collaborations: Strategies for working with fashion brands to maximize engagement

This panel focused on the changing relationship between brands and bloggers in 2017, covering top trends, building relationships, standing out in a crowded marketplace, and secrets to running a successful brand campaign.  Featured panelists included Jessica Branning of Neiman Marcus, Danielle Pepperl of Brooks Running, Sammy Scharg of Julep, Jess Estrada of Fresh Jess, and Stephanie Chacharon of Fitcode

Jess Estrada, Fresh Jess //  Sammy Scharg, Julep // Jessica Branning, Neiman Marcus

Danielle Pepperl, Brooks Running // Stephanie Chacharon, Fitcode 

Panel 2

Beyond the Blog: How to successfully launch a second concept

In this panel we highlighted fashion and lifestyle bloggers who have successfully launched a business after building a blog. Featured panelists included Jenny Keller of Jenny Cookies, author and boutique owner Moorea Seal, Tiffany Ishiguro of T+J Designs, and Brandy Brown of Marabou Design.

Brandy Brown, Marabou Design // Moorea Seal //  Jenny Keller, Jenny Cookies

Tiffany Ishiguro, T+J Designs //  Sydney Mintle, Gossip & Glamour (moderator)

We had some fabulous panelists join us for the Gossip & Glamour Style Summit. You can view full bio info for each Style Summit panelist here


Alan Gertner

Alan Gertner is the co-founder of Tokyo Smoke an international coffee, clothing and cannabis brand. Check out Alan's bio and learn more about his backstory here



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