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Gossip & Glamour is a Seattle-based independent marketing and public relations firm that works exclusively with fashion industry clients. Focusing on the regional market, Gossip & Glamour helps clients create cohesive campaigns that streamline marketing and public relations efforts for maximum brand exposure, as well as creating strategic brand experiences that build buzz and get press.


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Sydney Mintle, Founder of Gossip & Glamour

Known for having her finger on the pulse of all things fashion, Sydney Mintle is a fashion marketing and public relations expert who deeply understands the inner-workings of the fashion industry. She first stepped onto the sales floor at sixteen, and by nineteen was a store manager running a million-dollar store. Her experience includes retail, apparel manufacturing, marketing, social media and event production. In 2010, Sydney launched Gossip & Glamour with the goal of serving fashion industry clients in Seattle.

Sydney holds two degrees in fashion merchandising from The Art Institute of Seattle. She is a big proponent of ongoing education and sees life as one big classroom. With that spirit, Gossip & Glamour’s internship program focuses on mentorship in the fashion industry and helps students gain real-life experience and find meaningful employment in the fashion industry.

When she's not working with clients, Sydney enjoys spending time with her family on upper Queen Anne, reading fashion magazines, and traveling the world. Her favorite place to shop is Selfridges in London. For a sunny getaway, Kauai is her island of choice. Follow Sydney's personal style musings at


Full Bio

Sydney Mintle first stepped on the sales floor at the age of sixteen and learned early on that the customer experience is the only one that matters. In the years that followed she served on the BP Nordstrom Fashion Board shadowing buyers and working to learn retail insights and fashion trends. In high school, she served as the DECA Club President and learned how to write business plans that focused heavily on marketing and promotion.  By eighteen, she was in store management as a key holder, and by nineteen, she was a store manager running a million-dollar store. 

In college, Sydney served as a marketing coordinator and later an event producer for Fashion First, Seattle's largest and longest running independent runway fashion show. Founded in 2004, Fashion First focused on highlighting local designers and boutiques on First Avenue in downtown Seattle. It was through that experience that Sydney became passionate about supporting and promoting the local shopping scene. In 2008, Sydney left Fashion First and launched her personal style blog Seattle Boutique Blogpost as platform to continue supporting local designers and boutiques. The blog was later consolidated with Sydney's original fashion blog, 

Sydney has worked in various segments of the fashion industry for brands including Benefit Cosmetics, HMS Host, and CRAVE Seattle. She continued to build her network in the industry by serving on the board and later as Regional Director for Fashion Group International. In 2004, Sydney joined the team at Zumiez, managing production for the Private Label lines. During her time with the company Sydney traveled around the world meeting with vendors and suppliers in China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam to ensure operational efficiency and quality control. She also attended domestic trade shows including MAGIC to meet with partners and network with vendors. In 2009, she helped Zumiez launch its first Social Compliance Program, ensuring that all components of private label products were ethically sourced and produced. She was eventually promoted to the Sourcing and Production Manager overseeing a total of nine menswear private label lines, accounting for over 60% of the Zumiez private label business at the time. 

In 2010, Sydney launched Gossip & Glamour with the goal of serving fashion industry clients in Seattle. Since its launch, Gossip & Glamour has worked with companies of all sizes including Neiman Marcus, Brooks Running, Zumiez, Moorea Seal, Fresh Tangerine, PR Couture, Jag Jeans, Blue Nile, Uniqlo, SEE Eyewear, Westfield Southcenter, Pacific Place, Macy's, Four Seasons, Skin Spirit, Seattle Sewn, Seattle Made, and Fashion First. Gossip & Glamour specializes in helping new brands introduce themselves to the regional market and helping existing brands localize their marketing and PR efforts. Gossip & Glamour also manages public relations for charity fashion events and initiatives including Wine Women & Shoes. 

In addition to her retail experience, Sydney holds two degrees in fashion merchandising from The Art Institute of Seattle. She is a big proponent of on-going education and sees life as one big classroom.

In 2016, Gossip & Glamour changed its internship program to focus on mentorship in the fashion industry and regularly works with students on achieving success through  real-life experience in the field. To date, Gossip & Glamour has helped both formal and informal mentees find meaningful employment in the fashion industry post-mentorship. 


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Sydney has been an amazing addition to our 2017 Wine, Women & Shoes event at the Chair of PR, Marketing and more! Using new and creative approaches, Sydney identified and brought on board several event sponsors resulting in new revenue for the event’s charity, Olive Crest. Sydney’s reach in the community appears to be never ending as she developed new partnerships for Olive Crest, in addition to bringing in many auction donations from local organizations and retailers. Ensuring that timely communication was sent to key resources, Sydney was instrumental in having the event sell out more than one month in advance (for the second year in a row!) The best part about working with Sydney is her positive, upbeat attitude. I can count on her to always come up with a great solution.
— Lynn Hoyos, Olive Crest
Sydney did a fantastic job managing communications outreach for our first Brooks PR event in Seattle. After moving our HQ to Seattle, we wanted to host an event that would introduce local media and bloggers to our new fall collection. Sydney has a wonderful network of contacts in the Seattle area and is well-respected within the community. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for assistance with PR/media outreach and event support!
— Danielle Pepperl, Brooks Running
I hired Sydney to handle the press for our new SEE store in Seattle. I was continually impressed with her contacts, consistent coverage and thorough follow up. She handled our grand opening event like a true pro and we were thrilled with the results.
— Susan Berryman, SEE Eyewear
I cannot thank Sydney enough for the outstanding media outreach result she has generated for Paychi Guh brand since it’s launch in early 2013. When we first met, I was very impressed by Sydney’s eagerness to understand the brand and my needs for having PR/social media help. Sydney put a well thought-out strategic plan together and executed the plan beautifully with continuous creative adjustments along the process.
— Paychi Guh (Seattle designer)
Sydney helped us put some controls in place for our development/production process and build some procedures to help grow the company. At the same time she helped me directly with filling an open position for Project Manager. Sydney has great experience and is full of valuable input.
— Dustin Winegardner, ITC Accessories
Sydney’s leadership skills are evidenced by her effective and diplomatic rebuilding of the Seattle Chapter of Fashion Group International while Regional Director. She energized the group, refocused its purpose and added members to a Chapter that had dwindled in numbers and purpose during the recent economic downturn.
— Pat Nugent, Patricia Nugent Textiles